Auto Protection Services In Calgary

We are NOT your regular car wash/detail shop.

At Nano Defense, we specialize in PREP: Protection, Restoration, Enhancement and Preservation.  This is what our team at Nano Defense are experts at. Offering the best solutions for paint protection and value for your money as well as providing the highest expectation for our clients.

Our approach is simple; Education and Value.  We listen to what our customer’s needs are and then offer a solution that fits into their budget.  Our clients are then educated on which paint protection is best for them as well as how to properly maintain their vehicle.

As an active member and certified detailer of IDA (International Detailing Association), our team is made up of experts with years and years of experience in the industry.

Calgary experts in paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating, and more!

3M Paint Protection FilmPaint Protection Film (PPF) also widely known as 3M is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car. Providing protection from stone chips and minor abrasions. Memory cells built into the urethane film, which allows the film to be impacted at high speeds with rocks. Best of all, we are highly-experienced installers of XPEL Canada protective film products.
Paint Correction / Ceramic CoatingOffering multiple levels of paint correction. Before any corrections are done, we determine how much paint there is to work with the most advanced tools to measure your paint thickness on fiberglass, plastic, and carbon; it gives us the thickness of the clearcoat versus the color.
Automotive Window TintingWindow Tinting isn’t just about keeping a low profile anymore. XPEL PRIME window films not only looks cool, it feels cool. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected all backed by the industry’s only lifetime transferable warranty. We also offer ceramic tint for superior heat and UV protection for vehicles, as well as greater clarity.
Windshield Protection FilmState-of-the-art nanotechnology windshield protection film right here in Calgary. Exoshield is a thin film that protects your windshield from stone chip damage and prevents costly replacements. Exoshield provides 6X more impact resistance than your windshield alone.

What Makes Us Different

Simple. We strive to provide the best service with superior results. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to do it right.

In a market flooded by Calgary vehicle detailing companies, why choose Nano Defense?

We utilize the latest in nanotechnology products combined with industry top-rated pieces of equipment. As part of a group of industry peers, leading manufacturers, and other professionals around the world, we are able to bring the best and latest automotive protection services to Calgary. Our team is active members of, and regularly attends SEMA, one of the world’s largest trade-only automotive events yearly.

Do you have boat detailing services in Calgary?

We absolutely do. Yes, this is a somewhat landlocked city, but don’t let that fool you; there are plenty of boating enthusiasts here in Cowtown! We understand that the natural climate and elements in Alberta can be especially harsh. This why our team excels in providing quality boat detailing and protection services to suit your needs for the watersports season.

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